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Mothered and Life Unexpected

We would like to recommend to you a podcast made by one of our writers, Stelana Kliris and her best friend Shelley Roberts. It is called Mothered and I am not just recommending this project because we are the ones who represent Stelana’s TV Show concept called LIFE UNEXPECTED, but because as a mother of two, I think it is a podcast that is worth listening to. Gender equality starts at the very beginning; at the free decision of having or not having children and it must be acknowledged that both directions are valid, without any judgement at all. The podcast and the TV series LIFE UNEXPECTED are both based on and inspired by the friendship of these two women. In the podcast they are talking about issues like infertility, pregnancy, giving birth and choosing not to have children – so problems and decisions every woman faces sometime during their life. I especially like how naturally, lightly and with good humour they are tackling deep, personal, and sensitive concepts like that, and this is what makes this podcast very relatable. I also like their idea of “women crush of the week”, featuring quotes/thoughts by women like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Marie Curie. I know that there are a lot of podcasts and TV shows about motherhood, but I also think it is something we can not talk about and listen to enough. There are as many stories about motherhood as women, and I think if we can talk about these issues more naturally the world can be a much better place. Listening to the podcast brought up a lot of memories in me with a lot of thoughts, emotions. I often felt touched by Stelana’s and Shelley’s honesty and braveness and also laughed a lot at their funny approach. My daughters are a bit older than Stelana’s little Leia, so I have a lot of topics to recommend to the creators for a second season.

If you want to know more about Stelana’s female-driven comedy drama series LIFE UNEXPECTED, check out our website: or reach out to us.

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