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Joyrider was established at the beginning of 2019 with the intention of creating, developing, producing high quality TV drama series for multiple platforms and for international audiences.

Our primary focus is on high-concept, genre-based shows built around a strong, deeply resonant thematic core. Our projects have an international appeal: Central European sensibilities and storytelling traditions meet Western narrative structures and standards resulting in unique, innovative and compelling series, capable of making the grade worldwide.


Headed by GÁBOR KRIGLER, Creative Executive at HBO Europe between 2011 and 2018, the Joyrider team’s experience in devising drama series spans more than twenty years.


Continental Europe suffers a shortage of experts skilled and experienced in both writing and producing TV drama - that’s where we come in.

Beside our own projects, we are offering services to writers, producers and production companies, who have limited experience in developing and producing serialized narratives, or lack the capacity to increase their scripted slate.

We can take any project from its earliest development – through prep, principal photography and post – right up to delivery, devoting constant and rigorous attention to every creative aspect to ensure the highest quality and engagement.

With our strong connections to various European drama development training initiatives (Midpoint TV Launch, Torino Film Lab), Joyrider brings together exceptional new talents from the continent to create scripted drama that is marked by distinctive voices and fresh perspectives.

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