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Who wants to fight the power when it's easier to post some vacuous catchphrase with a hashtag to make you believe you're an activist?

But when frustration gets to the boiling point, an unlikely hero may spark a revolution... Even if it's all accidental.

FRUST was one of the first projects that we picked up at our fledgling company in 2019. Very different times. The world's frustration level has only risen exponentially since, making this show as timely and current as ever.

And finally it is in production!

Created with the visionary Srdjan Vuletic and written by Srdjan, Eszter Angyalosy and Gábor Krigler, this 6-part, twisted take on the superhero origin story tropes, is being filmed in its home country.

Legendary maverick filmmaker Danis Tanovic is directing an incredibly talented cast in Sarajevo with the help of rising star DoP Erol Zubcevic.

Thanks to our friends at Belgrade-based powerhouse Firefly, Ivana Mikovic and Boban Jevtic, FRUST is becoming reality. Producing on the ground is Amra Baksic Camo and her team at

This revolution is televised and coming to your screen in 2023.

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