Life Unexpected

Female-driven comedy drama

9 episodes of 30’

A married woman trying to have a baby discovers that she and her husband have fertility issues and will have to undergo IVF, while her single, carefree, career-driven best friend falls pregnant accidentally. This creates unexpected conflict between the friends as each gets what the other one wants.








ELENA and MIA, both in their mid-thirties, have been best friends since university. They are now both journalists at a local TV station but lead very different personal lives: ELENA is married and ready to take a step back from her career to start a family, while MIA hates all things conventional and remains a free-spirit and driven career-woman whose relationships never last longer than a month and whose main goal is to be promoted to anchor. ELENA discovers that she has fertility issues and will have to undergo IVF, while MIA falls pregnant accidentally. Both women end up in completely different places than they had planned and are forced to learn from each other that life isn’t always what you expected. This is LIFE UNEXPECTED.









What happens when life hands you lemons...or dysfunctional reproductive organs? Or an unexpected pregnancy? Elena and Mia’s lives end up on completely different paths as they each come to terms with becoming (or not becoming) mothers. LIFE UNEXPECTED is a 9-part dramedy series about fertility, pregnancy and motherhood, with each episode referring to one month of Mia’s pregnancy. Relatable, funny and irreverent, it takes the issue of infertility out of the taboo closet and onto our screens. Friendships are tested, marriages are strained, hormones rage, careers explode and sex suddenly falls into two categories: recreational and procreational. This series injects humour and humanity into a difficult topic that is rarely
examined but widely experienced.