Future noir procedural

10 episodes of 45’

It is the near future in a world plunged into terminal decay by climate change. A washed-up, hard-bitten detective and a young hustler with visionary powers join forces to solve the city’s most mysterious crimes. Initially motivated by self-interest, the pair gradually come to be friends, but this puts them both in greater peril than ever.










In the dying world of the near future, the citizens shelter from the looming shadow of doomsday in the haze of a legal drug. Panacea simultaneously picks them up and calms them down, and taking it is as natural for them as taking a drink of water.
Lens is a small-time hustler with a Pan habit, but he has a special gift: when in a drug-induced trance, he can see into both the past and the future, and burn images from his visions onto the photosensitive paper stuck to his body. When he is arrested by the washed-up cop, Garland, he plans his escape, but then he foresees a shocking event: the man will throw himself in front of a bullet meant for Lens, sacrificing himself to save the boy’s life. This changes everything. The seer does a deal with the unsuspecting detective and they join forces, using Lens’s abilities to solve the city’s most mysterious crimes. Lens wants Garland to be close at hand when his chilling prophecy comes to pass, but he never imagines that in the meantime the wily cop is also using him.
In the course of their investigations, this odd couple grow increasingly close. As an idiosyncratic father-son relationship develops between them, Garland finds himself incapable of taking advantage of Lens and the boy also faces an insoluble dilemma – for if his partner is to live, he must die himself.










In a world hooked on Panacea, a fundamental question arises: is it better to live in a comfortable illusion or a painful reality? The citizens cannot hide from their problems; they have to confront them clean. The world of the series is like our own. We are slowly running out of ways to deceive ourselves and must face up to such pressing threats as climate change. The current system is living on borrowed time and, if it cannot change, it will soon be unable to sustain itself. Despite this, in our consumer society we shy away from admitting our own transience, preferring to seek refuge in the delights of civilized life – making us no better than the drug-dependent denizens of the world of PANACEA. Yet the day will come when comfortable illusions fade away and painful reality comes crashing down on us. In our protagonists’ ongoing development and in each mysterious case of the week, it is this inescapable fact that takes centre-stage.

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