Offbeat contemporary urban comedy-drama

6 episodes of 50’

Starved of attention and affirmation, an unsuccessful young writer, VEDRAN is provoked into killing the drug pusher plaguing his neighbourhood. Overnight, his secret persona achieves superstar status. The public celebrate him as a righteous vigilante, but his frustration only grows – for even as he continues his clandestine crusade, he cannot disclose his true identity.






Condemned to existence in a bleak Eastern European industrial city, VEDRAN, a neurotic radio DJ and aspiring writer wakes up to yet another crappy day: his debut novel has been savaged by a renowned literary critic. A small-time dealer has set up shop right at the entrance of Vedran’s dilapidated housing block, infesting his street with the dregs of the district. Vedran’s well-meaning but obnoxious flatmate, the happy-go-lucky paramedic, DINO, urges him to screw away his sorrows – just like he himself so loudly does every night in the next room. But Vedran is not the kind of guy to cut loose just like that; he can’t even connect with the girl he fancies at work, the naive and opinionated ANJA. His job at the local radio station does nothing to raise his spirits either, as his despised boss orders him to start posting only positive thoughts on his Facebook wall. Outraged, Vedran resigns...

...until the next day, when he realizes that he can’t make ends meet without his meagre salary and is forced to endure the extreme humiliation of pleading to be reinstated. When he tries to express his hurt over his book’s damning review, the critic merely laughs in his face.

It is at this point that Vedran finds a handgun. The creep from downstairs dropped it during a police raid. Vedran hides the weapon and begins to fantasize about all those he’d love to slay in cold blood. The list is very long... When one evening the dealer confronts him about the missing pistol, something snaps. Vedran whips the gun out and fires it. Not once, not twice. He leaves four bullets in the scumbag.

In an instant, the lame loser is transformed into a bona fide superhero. The whole town is acclaiming the avenger who’ll clean up their streets, yet for obvious reasons Vedran cannot reveal his true identity. When copycats and fakers staking claims to his fame start coming out of the woodwork, the young man is spurred to prove that he is the real deal by continuing his crusade.

Both deadly enemies and unlikely allies materialize. A hard-boiled cop, ZLATKO, is trying to track Vedran down, yet his motives soon appear dubious: maybe he is sick of the state of the city too, and merely wishes to suggest a few more targets. Weary and longing to get out of the game that never lets you go, the aging ganglord, MIRZA, believes he has a new rival, a young gun aiming for his throne. And the lonely FAT LADY from next door makes it clear that she has seen what Vedran did – although she promises to keep it a secret if he is especially nice to her.

Before long, the role of the secret avenger becomes more than Vedran can handle, but by this time he is in far too deep...


When someone’s value is measured by the number of their Facebook followers, it’s increasingly difficult to make our mark in the world. And when anyone can become a star with little in the way of actual learning or talent, the fight for fame is – sometimes literally – cut-throat.

Mainly featuring millennials, FRUST is a killer satire in six 50-minute episodes. Originally written for Sarajevo, it could be set in any city where overpopulation and the growing rift between the haves and have-nots exasperate the populace on a daily basis. It is a twisted superhero-origin story where the protagonist’s superpowers are his burgeoning resentment and contempt for mankind.

Although the story takes place in a thoroughly cynical world, the show itself is full of humanity and humour, looking kindly on its flawed heroes. The series examines our ever-growing frustration with the way things are, yet at the same time it’s a light-hearted thrill-ride, an adventure in a wildly imperfect but ultimately lovable world.