Innovative interactive horror anthology series

5 episodes of 25’

Our heroes are trapped in a cottage in the woods facing their worst nightmare. Can you make the right decision and get them out alive? A psychopathic sadist, an evil spirit, a crazed slasher, zombies, and even the devil himself are thirsting for blood. If you fail to outwit them, the sinister cottage will claim its next victim...






EXIT is an interactive horror series which centres on a lonely cottage from which our heroes must escape. Every episode is a stand-alone story and each time, the viewer has to help a new protagonist flee their fate. The one and only returning character in the episodes – and prospective seasons – is the cottage itself, which is a magnet for evil.

Starting in the early 1970s, the story leaps forward a decade at a time until we reach the present day, with each episode evoking a horror genre typical of the given period: the psychological horror of the ’70s, the supernatural horror of the ’80s, the teen horror of the ’90s, the Christian horror of the Millennium and the zombie horror of the last decade.

Episode 1

A once-glamorous bar singer awakes in a cellar. She has been gagged and bound and has no idea where she is or how she got there. The weird objects and clues she sees lead her to the conclusion that she is shut in the hideout of a serial killer with a peculiar addiction: a sound engineer by profession, the man collects the screams of dying women. And our heroine is his latest prey. All on her own in this, she’s got to flee the cottage before the sadistic sound-fetishist returns...

Episode 2

The cottage is now uninhabited. A gang of kids sneak inside to explore the reputedly haunted house but their game gets really scary when one of them disappears. They soon discover that they have not merely summoned a supernatural force, but also opened the gateway to a parallel world...

Episode 3

A group of teenage friends stumble upon the abandoned cottage during a hike in the forest. Towards the end of their wild evening of drink, drugs and sex, one of the girls is found dead – she has been strangled and her fingers have been broken. Accusations fly and it turns out that everyone had a motive for the slaying. When a second corpse appears, however, the fear arises that the killer is actually a stranger...

Episode 4

Seven-year-old twins are possessed by the devil. A Catholic priest drags them to the old cottage to perform an exorcism, yet he hasn’t reckoned on the powers unleashed when the evil children and evil place join forces...

Episode 5

A virus has left only a handful of people uninfected; the remainder exist as rabidly writhing living dead. Now the ramshackle cottage becomes a sanctuary for a small band of survivors. When a second group arrives, the two contingents begin pointing the finger at one another: they all suspect that there is a carrier among them – but who is it...?






In an interactive horror show, anything can happen – and in EXIT, it does: the series will introduce an unprecedented level of audience involvement to the genre. At present interactivity has a major shortcoming: such shows frequently return to a central storyline and thus regardless of the viewer’s decision, the action always arrives at the same predetermined point. This does not satisfy the audience as they feel that their decisions carry no real weight. In contrast, EXIT offers a truly interactive experience where viewers’ choices have a profound and permanent effect on the narrative and characters alike.

To achieve this, one 25-minute episode requires around 110 minutes of shot material. The multiple storylines cover all the eventualities to be found between life and death, and once they have discovered the enormous power they have been given over the characters’ fates, viewers will return to EXIT again and again to explore as many alternative narratives as they can.