Thriller with supernatural elements and darkly comic overtones

8 episodes of 50’

When a shy, reserved teenage girl loses her virginity, she learns that she is in fact a succubus, a female demon who kills her sexual partners to feed off their energy. Raised by her hapless father, who is forced to not only deal with the loss of his little girl but the violent changes in her nature, they must jointly figure out how to hunt undetected. 







ROB, a down-on-his-luck entrepreneur, is living every father’s worst nightmare as he attempts to prepare both himself and his sweet 17-year-old daughter, DORA, for the inevitable: her first sexual encounter. However, Rob’s burden is considerably heavier than that of the average dad – for he knows that as soon as Dora takes someone to bed, the guy is dead. For Dora is a succubus. She inherited the condition from her mother, who was so in love with Rob that she chose suicide over having to slaughter him. Desperate to make sure his beloved daughter does not meet the same fate, he must teach her not only how to meet new boys, but also how to dispose of them discreetly.

Initially confused by her desires, Dora gradually comes to terms with her new identity and after the first few kills, she sheds her timidity and becomes increasingly powerful. Once a wallflower, she now blooms into a ravenous man-eater, causing an almighty headache for Rob, who is finding it harder and harder to communicate with his daughter just when they need each other the most. In the meantime, Dora is keen to search for others who possess her extraordinary powers.

On top of everything else, Rob needs to attend to business matters as well – his multiple debts are steadily rising and the cash he’s been scraping together so they can fly the coop when things get too hot is at risk. He must also care for his ailing father, who – since the old boy has Alzheimer’s – is the only person in the world he can confide in.

When a tough female detective arrives in town to help the local police investigate the curious series of disappearances of young men, the tension mounts. LIA seems to possess an uncanny ability to know where to look. What’s more, she has a coffin in her basement containing a succubus on life support – and by shooting up the creature’s blood, she becomes as powerful as Dora herself.

Just when Rob and his daughter have begun to irreversibly drift apart, it seems like it’s time for them to hit the road together. Yet their resources are dwindling and there’s one more thing holding Dora back: she has fallen in love...





The weird and wonderful love child of Dexter and Let the Right One In, ANGST is a fable about parenthood and the impossible choices we are faced with when raising our kids. When we are young, we all vow not to repeat our parents’ mistakes, but when we grow up, we are appalled to find ourselves doing just that.

Envisioned for a three-season arc, ANGST features a rich and detailed mythology of the super-race of succubi, who ruled the Earth in a matriarchal society until they were eradicated at the dawn of history by men. The succubi are now preparing to make their comeback, and at the end of the first season, it turns out that Dora is destined to play a major role in the new order.

For the first eight episodes, though, the focus is solely on Dora and her father. We follow the girl as she enters adulthood in a bizarre and shocking manner, making friends and enemies while learning how to deal with her new reality one step at a time. And then there is Rob, the frustrated sandwich-generation dad struggling to care for both a daughter with an attitude whose hormones are running wild and his ailing parents, who are demanding an increasing amount of attention. It all adds up to a family drama disguised as a twisty, pacy thriller.