Bathroom stories

Relationship drama, offbeat comedy

10 episodes of 10-15’

The story of the relationship of a hypersensitive would-be psychologist and a misanthropic shop assistant told through events they experience in a variety of bathrooms.






Emmi and Oli first meet on a memorably disastrous date which ends in a filthy pub toilet. By a twist of fate, however, they still do not go their separate ways. The next morning, the guy who only yesterday bared his soul to her is now distant and offhand.


They next meet at a house party. Oli takes the opportunity to apologise for last time. He says that he’d like to keep seeing Emmi, but he’s not yet ready for a relationship. This is okay by Emmi: all she wants is to have someone she can feel good with.

Emmi and Oli start dating. And bathrooms remain a crucial location in their evolving relationship.


They wash themselves before and after sex. They share a bath and watch each other bathe alone. They see each other when ill, when drunk. They watch series and gaze at the neighbours’ garden. They prepare to attend a wedding and a funeral. They bathe a stray dog and a friend’s child. They await the result of a pregnancy test. They empty the things from a dead man’s bathroom. And they fit out a bathroom of their own.








The bathroom is a holy place. It is where we dress and undress. Where we ready ourselves for combat and where we remove our armour following the skirmishes of another day. It can be an island of tranquillity or a hiding place, but one thing is sure: it is where we are most ourselves. Even if we are not alone there. What happens in the bathroom says more about us than we’d imagine. It deserves our attention. And a series of its own.


Bathrooms have always had a fundamental role in both the personal life and the love life of the series’ young creator, Fanni Szántó. Her unique approach and narrative style, together with the unconventional framing, give the series its truly special identity.

Each and every episode is set entirely in a bathroom: our protagonists’ own bathrooms, their friends’ and families’ bathrooms, and in the public bathrooms of clubs, restaurants, workplaces, and so on.

As we join Emmi and Oli in these usually very private moments, we only catch glimpses of the development of their relationship. Yet because of their exceedingly intimate nature, these moments are unusually emotional and honest, and can easily be interpreted as the milestones of a love story.


Bathroom Stories chronicles the bonds which develop between two people at a fluid and defining time in their lives: When we believe we are now ready, but we don’t really know what for. When we simultaneously feel that we can be anyone we want and that we’ve already missed the boat. When getting involved with someone is too easy, but making a commitment is too hard.

When slowly and painfully, we finally grow up.